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Product Description


Product Ocitytimes Essential oil Disposable Vape pen
Full battery support 50/200/250/300/500 puffs
Battery capacity 90mAh/110mAh/130mAh/250mAh/280mah
Oil capacity 0.2/0.4/0.5/0.7/1.2ml
Resistance 3.0ohm
Working voltage 3.2-4.15V
Size Mini and portable
Vape pen Type Empty to fill your own juice
Prefilled type flavor Energy, Sleep, Relax, B12 etc
Color Welcome custom colors
Packaging OEM BOX
OEM ODM Welcomed
Certificates FDA, FCC, ROHS, CE



1.Electronic Cigarette does not contain tobacco; therefore it is not restricted by the smoking ban currently in vogue.

2.Hotels, pubs, casinos and restaurants in many countries allow the use of E-Cigs indoors, even though traditional cigarette smoking is prohibited.

3.Electronic Cigarette does not contain any of the 4000 chemicals like Tar, Carbon monoxide etc… that are present in a traditional cigarette

4.No danger of passive smoking for non-smokers.

5.No lung cancer, since it is free of many chemicals that cause lung cancer in traditional cigarettes.