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Place of Origin: China

Product Description




Battery capacity




Use for

NIC salt

Storage capacity


Tank puffs

300 puffs






Disposable, leakproof



1. Unique full ceramic heating element, shining like no others.
Exquisite workmanship with the feel of marble, will defenitely make your oils like no others.
The pen talks for your oil.
2. The hardest ceramic used on the market.
Comparable to the hardness of diamond. No ceramic powder ever. Keep your users healthy.
3. Passed California's strictest heavy metal test.
Passed heavy metal test with oil in for 30 days. No worry of heavy metals. No worry.
4. Amazing taste.
No discount on the taste. Genuine taste provided out of our unique ceramic heating element.
5. No glue.
Just for the health of your customers.
6. Use up the last drop of your premium oil.
With mini port usb charging port to recharge to use the last drop of your premium oil. Help you haave more happy customers.

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